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Fun in the snow!

We have found many ways to enjoy the snow this winter. It has been a blast! We went ice skating on the pond at camp,ice skating and sledding down various hills near our house. Daddy helped us build a snow bear to welcome visitors to our home, and Momma built a snowman with Brielle and Braelyn. We kids also built a snow fort. I was surprised at how long the snowsnow bear sculptures lasted. We also got to go skiing with Aunt Heidi. We had a blast flying (actually skiing) down the hill. And, we have explored the countryside around us on the back of a snowmobile, and spotted animal tracks in the snow on the trail to camp.

I am looking forward to more fun activities this spring as we start seeds for a garden, help Grampy collect maple sap, and play in the woods. I am also looking forward to being in more churches meeting new friends.

~ Breanna


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