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preachingErich and Shawna Brooks 

Erich Brooks recognized his need for salvation through Jesus Christ as a child and was baptized at the age of 8. His service for the Lord also began at a young age as he worked alongside his family at a Christian camp.  Following high school, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Youth Pastoral Ministry. During his Bible college years he was able to serve as a youth leader in a local church as well as to continue working in the camp ministry during the summers. Following his graduation from Bible college, he was the youth director in his local church. He enjoys the outdoors (waterskiing, jet skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, etc.), being in God’s creation, and often uses outdoor activities to build relationships with others so he can reach them for the Lord.

Shawna Brooks also grew up in a Christian family. She was saved at a young age, and baptized at the age of 12. She was active in many facets of the local church throughout her growing up years, and spent five summers as a camp counselor at several different camps. She earned an Associate’s degree in the secretarial field, followed by a Bachelor’s degree in Literature and Rhetoric. She enjoys reading and creating – whether with a pen, writing children’s devotionals, puppet scripts, or Bible lessons; Erich and Shawna Brookswith a sewing machine, sewing dresses, dolls, costumes, and even jet-ski anchor bags; or with a mixing bowl, mixing up meals to fill endlessly hungry bellies.

Erich and Shawna met during their college years, and were married shortly after graduation. They spent their first summer together serving at camp. Erich was the Junior Week speaker, and Shawna worked busily in the background, cutting out a life-size Goliath in our little camper home, and making caramel onions for object lessons, besides helping in the camp kitchen.

The following January, God moved them to Western New York, where Erich pastored Cowlesville Baptist Church for the next 12 years. While there, the Lord blessed them with five children (Breanna, Blake, Beth, Brielle, and Braelyn), many new friends, and a multitude of learning experiences. In a church setting, they were able to put their creative abilities to work often, with projects including three original week-end VBS programs and several Christmas programs. Shawna led ladies Bible studies and taught children’s and ladies’ classes. Together they organized many special events as well as a weekly children’s ministry. Erich also led the local Pastors Fellowship in the Buffalo, NY, area for several years.

In January 2015, the family gathered their belongings and moved to Ulysses, Pennsylvania, to work in Christian camp ministry as well as itinerant ministry, speaking and assisting churches in the Northeast.

Erich Brooks and his family serve under Central Missionary Clearinghouse and personally have a missionary board of four Baptist church pastors.  If you have any questions regarding the ministry of the Brooks family or their support, please contact them.

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