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Counting Down to Our Savior’s Birthday

This countdown offers a variety of fun ways to spend time together as a family celebrating the birth of the Savior!  The activity cards cover a hidden nativity picture, and as you do each activity and remove the card, you slowly reveal the hidden picture. There are two options – one has 24 activities, one for each day in December before Christmas. The other has 16 activities, for those who don’t want the stress of making sure to do an activity every single day. There is no prescribed order for the activities – you just choose the one that fits best into that day. Blank cards are also supplied in case you want to substitute some activities of your own.

Download/Print Christmas Countdown Files:

Activity Guide

24 Day Activity Cards

16 Day Activity Cards

Blank Activity Cards

Coloring Pages

Download this picture for the countdown by copy and paste or by right clicking and choosing “save image as”.
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