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Resurrection Coloring Contest

Celebrate Christ’s resurrection this Easter by focusing on the fact that He is alive! One of the ways you can do this is by coloring a picture sharing of the resurrection. You can even enter the picture into our coloring contest to have the opportunity to win a prize. Simply (1) print one of the coloring pages below, (2) color it, (3) take a picture of it or scan it, (4) fill out the form at the bottom of this page, being sure to upload the picture or scan of your coloring page and click the submit button. You will then see notification that you have been entered into the contest.

Entries will be judged in four different age groups with fabulous prizes to be awarded to the winner in each age group, so be sure to have your whole family involved. Entries must be in by 12pm (Eastern Time) on April 10th. Winners will be announced here on our website as well as the Rippling Brooks Ministries facebook page (be sure to like the page, so the notifications come across your news feed). The prizes will then be sent to the winner in each age group (please note that prizes will only be sent to addresses in the United States). Scroll down for a list of the prizes and of course to choose your coloring page.

Click on the image which you would like to color to be directed to a pdf file to download or print.

Christ’s resurrection is foundational to our faith. Without the resurrection, we would not have a living Savior and our faith would be worthless. It would be as the Apostle Paul has stated that we would be most miserable. But, Christ did rise from the dead! We have hope! Christ’s resurrection is proved by such things as the tomb being empty, eyewitnesses who saw Christ after the resurrection, and the transformation of the disciples’ lives from those who went into hiding to those who were willing to die for Christ.

Prizes for the winner in each age group:

Age 2-6 Wooden Resurrection play set

Age 7-12 choice of Patch the Pirate Time Twister adventure or My Heart Your Home music CD

Age 13-18 choice of “My Golden Ship” Lamplighter audio drama or “Frozen Fire” book

Age 19-110 Hand crafted empty tomb decoration by Weber’s Woodworking

Click here for a coloring contest flyer

Resurrection Coloring Contest Entry Form

I am sorry the coloring contest has ended.

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