Rippling Brooks Ministries

Have you ever tossed a stone into a pond and watched the water ripple out from where the stone hit the water?  That same rippling effect can happen with the Good News of Jesus Christ!  We desire to proclaim Christ and to train others to boldly follow Christ’s example, so the Good News of Jesus Christ has a rippling effect to Northeast United States, the continental US, North America, and around the world.

Rippling Brooks Ministries focuses on Christ and His Word to us, the Bible.  We share this through preaching, teaching, writing, and Christian camp ministry.  We’d like to help you in your church, through evangelistic Evangelist Erich & Shawna Brooks and familymeetings, revival meetings, Vacation Bible Schools (VBS), special services, Christmas programs, pulpit supply, retreats, Christian school chapels, men’s events, ladies’ events, or youth ministries (for young children, we enjoy using puppets and clowning to share God’s Truth).

If you are not even sure what the Good News of Jesus Christ is or wonder about eternal life and being saved, please click on the God’s Bridge to Eternal Life picture.
God's Bridge to Eternal Life