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Pray and Give Thanks

What do you do on Saturday evening at 8pm after you notice you have a flat tire and the church you are to minister in the next morning is two hours away?  Upon further inspection of the flat tire I discovered there was a rusty piece of nail in the tire.  And, not only was it a Saturday evening, but holiday weekend to boot.  No one was open to get it repaired.  So, we prayed and thanked the Lord for a pastors and wives fellowship white elephant gift exchange.  Why the white elephant gift exchange?  A couple years ago at a pastors and wives fellowship gift exchange I received a can of “Fix-a-Flat”.  I was able to get the “Fix-a-Flat” in and it worked to keep the tire up.  We praise the Lord that it worked and had a great time of ministering and fellowship the next day.tire and nail

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