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Vacation Bible School

This past week, we were in Belmont, NY, putting on a Vacation Bible School for First Baptist Church. The theme for the week was “Timber!”
Throughout the week, we shared of different illustrations of timber through the Bible and correlated them to colors in the wordless book.  We were excited and praise the Lord for three young people who trusted Christ as their Savior!  There were a lot of youth who attended who don’t attend church, so it was exciting to share God’s Word with them.
Each evening, we had a visit from Saul Onion (puppet) and some of his fellow loggers sharing of the different jobs in the logging camp as well as a visit from dendrologist Dr. Yewleaf Willow sharing about trees and applications to our lives.
Through the week, the young people also enjoyed singing, games, crafts, and snacks each evening.
Several of the days we played street hockey in a local park and were able to make some good contacts and even saw some come out to VBS because of it.
While there in Belmont, we also enjoyed the fellowship of Pastor and Mrs. Bill Matthews and the people of the church.

To God Be the Glory

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