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Wild Algonquin Adventures — Vacation Bible School

“Algonquin” means “our allies.” In this Wild Algonquin Adventures Vacation Bible School, kids will learn about the help (allies) we have even when it seems we are all alone like in a wilderness and think no one cares about us. Each day in Vacation Bible School we will consider another help we have, including the Bible – our compass, Prayer – our communication, Jesus Christ – our Savior, the Holy Spirit – our comforter, and the Church – our encouragement. The program is full of wild adventure as we meet different animals that God has created, hear from the puppets as Grandpa shares his adventures in the wilderness, sing songs of praise to our creator, play games, enjoy snacks, make special crafts, and of course gather for Bible lessons as we learn the helps God has provided for us as we go through life. Come join the adventure!   

Click here for a link to our 2020 online VBS program entitled “On Route for Glory”.

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