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Summer Camp

We have finished two weeks of camp with the theme “Discovery Zone: Amazing Experiments That Teach God’s Truth.” They were fun packed weeks with science experiments and all the camp activities.  Twice each day during chapel we pulled out our “Truth Scope,” zeroed in on a verse of Scripture, then interacted with a science experiment that helped us understand the truth of that verse.  We observed lots of experiments like exploding polymers, air pressure instantly crushing cans, dragon fire, elephant toothpaste, and a few campers even got to experience walking on water!  It is mind boggling to explore some of the amazing reactions and interactions God designed.

But, most of all we are excited that there were many spiritual decisions made through the two weeks including four campers accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior. We saw many make the commitment to read the Bible daily and others to commit their lives fully to the Lord’s service.  Over the two weeks the campers memorized 1,329 verses.  It is great to see young people hide God’s Word in their heart.

Please pray with us for the children who attended camp. Some return to unsaved parents and worldly homes, and the reality of living for Christ in those environments is a daunting challenge.

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